EDAU - a chair that grows

EDAU is a chair for life. Within its design and function it responds to the issues of furniture longevity by providing the user with growing legs. One set is smaller and designed for children with a taller set of legs provided for once the child has grown. This concept was formed around the chairs of my own childhood in Wales, reflecting on their roles and functions, which go far beyond sitting. The threaded leg system, which ensures an easy take off – put on movement, is cut directly from the timber and its robust aesthetic ads a playful, tactile element to the interaction. The back component extends, with enough room to house the extra set of legs, but with the added function of a bookshelf. My concept here was driven by thinking of a parent reading to their child or a teacher reading to the class and reaching behind to choose the next book. The presence of blue Valchromat contrasts with the organic grain of the beech, and together they mimic the boarding sea line and forests around my childhood home. Most of all, the EDAU chair explores and enhances the relationship between furniture and user. It provides a platform to connect with the chair, and as a result can hold memories and experiences while the chair travels with you through life. 

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